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Choose from more than 30 lunch options near Baruch College.

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What is Lunch Go?

Lunch Go is a map that allows to order real-time pop-up lunches from nearby restaurants.

Can I see what kind of lunches are offered?

Absolutely. You can find all lunches and restaurants here.

What is pop-up lunch?

Pop-up lunch is a meal that is offered by restaurants for limited hours per day and at discounted prices.

Where can I use Lunch Go?

Lunch Go is available only near Baruch College area right now. We are expanding to other areas in NYC soon.

When should I reserve my lunch?

You can reserve your lunch for ASAP takeout or you can choose different time slot for pick up.

Any additional charges?

No. You pay only for lunch and state sales tax. There are no additional hidden charges.

Do you offer delivery?

No. Right now it's only for pick up.

What's the fine print?

There isn't any. It's that simple.

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